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Tifa Lockheart
3 May
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Name: Tifa Lockheart
Age: 22 23
Blood Type: B
Sexuality: Straight... and taken.
Birth Date: May 3rd
Birth Place: Nibelhiem
Current Residence: 7th Heaven in Edge
Fighting Level: 91 94 97 99 95
Weapon of Choice: Hand Combat (Gloves)

Tifa is strong, both physically and emotionally. She feels comfortable with the fact that she can take on basically anything that tries to fight her (with the exception of Loz for some reason), and makes her feel physically independent. She also enjoys sparring with others and working out in the privacy of her own home. On an emotional level, she is madly in love with Cloud Strife, loves Marlene and Denzel, and loves taking care of the orphans that live in Edge.

She is technically part of AVALANCHE, although she considers herself to be more of a neutral party. She's friends with many of the Turks and other members of ShinRa, not to mention that they are extremely powerful and strong allies, so she doesn't want any hostility, no matter what occurred in the past. The past is unchangeable, so it is time for them all to move on and learn from the past events. She knows that in order to rid the planet of Jenova and her sons, or any other evil that wreaks havoc in the future, they have to work together.

She is currently in a relationship with Cloud Strife and she certainly doesn't want it to end. Ever. Although it happened perhaps too quickly after she ended her relationship with Rufus Shinra, she feels as though she's following her heart and made the right decision. They kept it a secret for a little while, but mostly everyone figured it out. Yet, it has remained quiet from the media... somehow.

On Cloud's birthday, (August 11th) Tifa found out that she and Cloud are expecting a child of their own. They are definitely accelerating their relationship very quickly, but neither of them seem to be complaining. They don't know much about the baby yet, besides that it healthy, is due sometime in April and they are very excited. It is a lifechanging experience and quite a large step in life, but both of them are ready and eager to take that step. :D More about that when it comes available.

Tifa tries not to think about it often, and definitely doesn't want to bring it up to Cloud, but she knows that she put herself in a very bad predicament and could be a very possible target for Jenova once she finds out about the pregnancy. Knowing that Jenova has been relatively quiet over the past few months, she doesn't know when or how hard she'll strike, and harming the baby would be the best way to get back at Cloud, unfortunately. Tifa understands that she won't be able to protect herself against Jenova in fear of hurting the baby, and physically won't be able to once she's further in her term, and it worries her. Cloud promised her that he'd protect her and the baby with his life, and she is aware that he meant that literally. She saw what lengths Cloud went to protect Zahna, and she knows that he would do it again for her and the baby. It's just one of those secrets that will spread like wildfire once people start talking about it, and it won't be something that Jenova will ignore.

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